Wine List & Food Pairing


At Woodland Park, three separate vineyards are located at different locations spread about on our 66 acre farm. The soils range from clay to deep port silt loam varying from very rich to very poor and from creek bottom land to hill side. Each vineyard has its own terrior which will influence the wine made from the grapes growing in that particular vineyard. Each location imparts a unique quality to the wine. The cooler locations impart a crispness, with more delicate flavors of apple, pear, and citrus. In warmer years and at warmer vineyard sites, vines will produce riper, softer flavors with more ripe apple, melon, pineapple and tropical fruit characteristics. We make a dozen or more wines from eight different grapes. All our wines are from grapes grown in our vineyards at Woodland Park.

White Riesling: A light-bodied semidry wine with an apple, pear, peach aroma. A refreshing style of wine to accompany salads, soups, and vegetables as asparagus. One of our best selling wines, so easy to drink.

Woodland Promise: Chardonnay with a clean refreshing taste with little or no oak flavor. Serve with grilled or sautéed chicken, roasted pork, grilled fish, chowders, and chilled summer soups.

Vignoles: A fruity sweet wine with apricot overtones. Serve with desserts as apple pie, pineapple upside down cake, or fresh berries. Do not use too much sugar with the berries, which will make the wine taste flat.

Rose of Summer: A sweet rose wine made from red and white grapes. One our first wines to make in 2004, a very easy wine to enjoy in the evening alone or with chocolate. Use as a base for wine coolers.

Mary Laura: Another rose wine made with grapes from our grape variety test plot. Two red grapes and two whites make up this blend. A smooth semisweet wine with berry flavors. Try this one with pasta, cheese, braised meats, chicken noodle soup, sautéed onion and mushroom dishes.

Homestead: Our sweetest red wine made from the Chamboursean grape, goes well with cheese and crackers or just by itself.

Cowboy Country: A rich full-bodied blend of red grapes grown in two locations, savoring the characteristics of each terrior. Woodsy, earthy overtones with blackberry aromas. A semisweet wine. Serve with grilled T-Bone steaks, green tomato salsa and Italian pasta,

Merlot: Semidry, ripe in fruit with a hint of herbal character. Medium-bodied red wine provides enough weight to be paired with roast turkey, crispy polenta, winter squash, ham, and garlic and herb sauces.

Prairie Edge: Good balance of earthiness and bright fruit flavors. Good depth, semidry, but not too tannic or acidic. Pair with tomato and cheese pizza, risotto and mushroom dishes, and salads with vinaigrette dressings.

Elderberry: Semidry fruit wine made from the elderberries grown on our farm. Elderberry has a unique taste. A red medium-bodied wine.