History of Woodland Park


Having grown up on a dairy farm here at Woodland Park, picking vegetables and fruit from my parents' gardens and orchards was a seasonal activity. Harvesting and preserving the fruits was just as important. Canning green beans and tomatoes, curing meat in the fall, laying onions and potatoes in the cellar, was a part of our overall farm work. Working the dairy and feeding the farm animals was a daily chore. Growing and training young grapes and making food and wine is not a very big step from the farm chores of my childhood.

Art, horticulture, and making good food are and have been part of my experiences of life and livelihood on Woodland Park farm. As my grandchildren play on the farm in the same place I once played in; I experience a deep connection with the past, the present and the future.

As a new generation of our family joins Woodland Park, grandchildren Alyssa, Tyler and Colton Swim share in the responsibilities of planting, growing and selling our products. Marcus Swim brings management experience and wine making skills to Woodland Park. David Swim, Austin, Tex., helps with computer update and web site management. Jon Swim brings engineering experience and technical management from Arcadia, Oklahoma. Daugthers from Wisconsin and New Hampshire visit on a regular basis and share their great artist talents. I am proud of the contributions of all of our family to Woodland Park. We are happy to have visitors and friends taste the wines we have made from our own vineyards. We have a lot of fun and often learn from each other the incredible world of grape growing, wine and wine making.

- Jeanette Sciara